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Fire suppression systems for server rooms and data centres are essential to the server room itself.  A fire suppression system will automatically extinguish a fire without the need of human intervention.  Fire suppression systems for data centres must be suitable for clean air environments, as server rooms and data centres are mostly occupied by personnel.

The designs standards for Fire suppression systems for server rooms and data centres are carried out with strict guidelines, as the fire suppression agents used can be dangerous if not designed correctly.

A typical server room will require :

Fire Suppression Control Panel

A Fire suppression control panel, this is generally made up of two to three fire zones, a gas release button, Auto and Manual key switch and built in batter backup (for power failures)

Smoke Detection

A minimum of two smoke detectors, irrelative of the room size.
Smoke detectors must be located in all voids, i.e. room, ceiling and floor voids

Audible Alarms

Bells and Souders, these will indicate an audible alarm for fire which has been detected in the room and alarm warning of an imminent fire suppression gas release

Warning Signs
Warning signs on doors that you are about to enter a fire suppression controlled area
Warning signs showing manual gas release points

Pressure relief 
Pressure relief venting to compensate for both negative and positive pressures during a gas discharge.